You probably aren’t too interested in my list of qualifications, nor that I’ve been doing this since 2001, and that’s fine. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, you just want to choose someone who you sense can genuinely help. So here’s a little story about me…

I was born a helper – literally! My mother was ill with a debilitating condition that only showed improvement during her pregnancy. She relied on me from an early age to be her carer, companion and counsellor. It was inevitable I’d end up working in therapy, but not without a major excavation of my own motivations and unconscious beliefs. So I have a multi-decade blend of learning through formal study, self-discovery and counselling, and my clinical practice with clients and supervisees. I continue to explore how my own life events have shaped me, and I honour a path of ongoing personal and professional development.

I wouldn’t expect you to invest in yourself and your therapy without me making
investments in myself every year.

Sadly, my mum, newly separated, passed away during my final year at university. But in the five years before her death, I had awakened to my own spirituality, and received many signposts guiding me into the world of therapy. Although I took on a stressful job in a male-dominated workplace to pay the mortgage, I committed to setting up my private practice during the hours in between. I learned a lot about the potential for burnout and the value of boundaries and receiving support!

I’m now a happily married mum to two children – also sensitive little souls – and this initiation into motherhood has blessed me with a deeper understanding of what it means to guide someone whilst honouring their individual spirit. In sensitive children, I see a world of potential and capability that they may not see in themselves. It’s similar with clients – I cannot view anyone as broken; instead they may be experiencing some of life’s extremes and have yet to harness the power in them. As one of my mentor’s often says, “Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens through you.” (Derek Rydall)

When I relax and allow life to reveal what it is up to with me, I see where I need to move forward and where I need to let go. I have learned to trust in this process. It eventually guided me to take my work outdoors into nature, where we can develop a closer connection to our truest selves and our Source energy. Since working outside on beaches and in green spaces, the impact of my work has grown exponentially. And I’m supporting myself to receive intuitively, all the inspiration I need, to show up consistently and without fear of burnout. I can show you this, too.

Other things that light me up are reading and writing – I once wrote a novel purely to express some creativity and dive into the world of archetypes and the hero’s (and heroine’s) journey. Also minimalism has shown me the importance of removing distractions and surrounding myself only with the people, places and things that are aligned with my best self. Friendships, laughter and good food, cats, cosy reading corners and crackling fires all fill up my cup of well-being.

And if you did actually want to know about my qualifications, here you go:

My studies in Psychology began in 1993 and I graduated from the University of Kent with a BSc(HONS) in Psychology. There, I also trained with Niteline, a guidance and listening service for the public. Soon after, I began my training in Counselling.

In 1998 I chose Hypnotherapy as the way forward for me, having seen the rapid healing benefits to others. I trained with EICH in 2000 for my Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (DHP) and after a number of years, I became a supervisor and conducted Training Analysis with students and the newly qualified. 

I then took a break of a few years to raise my children and focus on writing and further study in Energy Healing, sensitivity, epigenetics, quantum physics and the universal laws, which have added a new dimension to my current work.

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a tool used to aid relaxation and to help focus the mind towards it’s objective. It is a natural state of consciousness in which we find ourselves several times a day. For example, when we become completely engrossed in a very absorbing story or film (or even just daydreaming) or the mundane journey to work, we may not be fully aware of our surroundings but since we are not sleeping, we have the resources to become alert and react to a situation if needed.

It is much the same level of focus that we can achieve with hypnosis, using the calming voice of the therapist, and this can be wonderfully restful for some people. There can be an element of time distortion where an hour might seem like just a few minutes, but you remain aware and in control of your thoughts and actions at all times.

Because you become relaxed enough to let go of troubling thoughts at a conscious level, the logical, analytical mind rests, allowing more effective communication with the subconscious mind.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

The subconscious mind deals with emotion and instinct, rather than logic. It is the place where memories are stored, some of which may be forgotten or repressed in childhood. Likewise, some long-held beliefs may now be in conflict with newer concepts that you may have taken on board as an adult. Careful use of relevant, positive suggestions can rapidly shift your perspective.

Waking hypnosis explained

It is absolutely possible to create a light hypnotice state whilst walking and talking. This is often used by athletes and hypnobirthing mums, and is ideal in a natural space such as woodland for drinking in the scenery and accessing a deeper focus.


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