Outdoor-based Therapy

I believe in finding a supportive environment for our best work, and after years of renting different offices around town, I woke up to the real need – for me and my clients to be out in nature…

… Some days, the beach feels right – the water creating a ‘blue mind’ effect, and the tides reflecting our own ebbs and flows. Other times, we explore woodland whilst navigating the inner terrain of feelings. Strolling through parks and rose gardens offers an uplifting mood, with beautiful landscapes of colour and thoughtful design.

Between us, we choose where and when feels ideal for the session, and the pace can be varied from striding along purposefully to ambling, and resting on benches to take a pause. There are no formal seating arrangements, walls or waiting rooms to negotiate. The space belongs to all.

Easibirthing home visits

From around 30 weeks, we generally have a good amount of time for your five birth preparation sessions (see more details below). Your relaxation is vitally important, and we carry out all sessions from the comfort of your own home. I am happy to travel to most parts of Southend and surrounding towns. We can discuss this prior to booking.

Skype/Zoom sessions

For some, getting out of the house is unmanageable. Childcare, the weather, location and work hours can make it tricky to find the right therapist in the right area. If you prefer not to use video calling, that’s fine. Some sensitive people find it over-stimulating and prefer the good old telephone (not suitable for hypnosis sessions). Either way, you save time and money traveling to your appointment and you can be comfortable in your pj’s if you like!

Smoking cessation via Skype/Zoom

This is 150 to 180 minutes – yes, it’s long but thorough (and includes a loo-break)! We go over your relationship with smoking, your health situation and other aspects of life that may be contributing to the habit. We end with a deeply relaxing hypnosis session and you’re all set for success.

Child Birth

Childbirth is one of the most natural and beautiful experiences a woman can have – in some cultures, that is. There are many women around the globe giving birth easily and without fear, but over time, our society seems to have set us up for a highly medicalised, stressful time with intervention being the norm. I feel passionate about helping women achieve the birth experience they deserve.

I have trained in the easibirthing(TM) model of hypnosis for childbirth and consulted with local midwives to offer a course designed to reflect UK birthing methods. There are many similarities to the American Hypnobirthing model, although I offer a highly flexible service aimed at helping mums-to-be and their partners at any stage of their journey.

The ideal time to commence sessions is around 30 weeks to allow for the five weeks of sessions, thus finishing a month before the expected birth date. However, there is much that can be achieved with very little time remaining, and some mums prefer to start sooner, particularly if they feel they may need additional help with certain fears. It is not compulsory to attend all of the five 90 minute sessions, although it is recommended. Sessions can be tailored to your personal needs as I work on an individual basis (or with a partner present) in the comfort of your own home, rather than in a group setting. This allows you the privacy to explore all aspects of your unique situation in a confidential way.

Among other things, we cover the specific relaxation techniques your body needs, ideal breathing methods, pain and anxiety management skills, visualisation and self-hypnosis. Much of what is learned can be applied post-natally in adjustment to parenthood as well as during labour itself. This course focusses on empowering women to have a positive birth experience and to feel calm, confident and in control whether you have a hospital delivery or are planning for a home birth.


The fee per session (90 minutes) is £97. If the complete course is booked and paid for in advance, you make a saving of £35 on your total investment.


I believe that your therapy is very important and personal to you as an individual. Before we make any decisions on the type of treatment and your investment, I offer a free 30 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit.

There is no obligation to proceed, but I will be able to let you know what I believe is the ideal next step for you, including referral suggestions where appropriate.

When you book a session with me, I put aside that time solely for you. If you need to cancel, please give as much notice as possible, to allow others to benefit from appointment times. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, a cancellation fee  will be charged – the cost of that session. 

If severe weather warnings threaten to spoil our outdoor session, I am happy to switch, in advance, to a Zoom or Skype session, or reschedule if absolutely necessary. However, there’s lots to be learned from experiencing all weather, just as we aim to accept the full range of emotions we feel, so I do recommend you embrace the changing seasons.


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